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donderdag 12 september 2013

Let Ae remember Output settings per project

Each of my projects has its own output specifications. (ProRes4444 progressive, Avid DNxHD Upperfield, Lossless with alpha, etc)

It would be nice if AE could remember this for me. An entry in Project Settings will do.

Let AE define a default output path per project

I'm working on a lot of returning projects every day. And each time I have to set the 'Output To:' setting in the Render Queue.
Wouldn't it be nice if each Project (and maybe each comp) has it's own Output Path associated with it?

Let After Effects add folders to the Render Queue

It would be a time saver if Folders from the Project panel can be added to the Render Queue, and Render Settings/Output Module/OutputPath can be applied to a complete folder at once.