All requests and remarks posted on this blog, have been shared with the developers of the concerning products. The Feature Requests blog is my independent way of sharing, and recording both ideas and annoyance about software. Improvement is the main goal.

dinsdag 28 januari 2014

After Effects CC context sensitive menu Layer Styles

Wouldn't it be nice (and logical) to select a Layer Style when the Layer Styles entry in a layers is right-clicked?

Now, you can only access them by right-clicking the layer's name.

donderdag 23 januari 2014

Why not let the Extrude Object be hierarchical by default?

I am clicking that checkbox all the time, to let the Extrude Object affect all Childed paths. What's the problem with setting it on by default? Can do no harm as far as I can see.

Remove all inactive Objects in Cinema4d

While developing / sketching in C4D, I leave a lot of inactive Objects which did not fit in my design. It would be nice if I can delete these with one click, to clean up the scene. (compare to Photoshops 'Delete Hidden Layers').

maandag 13 januari 2014

Spline to Edge for Cinema4d?

Once in a while, I am modeling something from scratch (mostly logo's/typography).
My preferred editor to start this is Adobe Illustrator, and then Bridge it to a mesh in C4d.

Since C4d imports Illustrator .ai documents always as Spline, it's rather complicated to turn these into meshes - there is an Edge to Spline, function, but not the opposite.
I would love to have a 'Spline to Edge' command, that turnes all .ai anchor points into C4d vertices, connected bij C4D edges. That would make it easier to continue a model that started in Illustrator.

donderdag 9 januari 2014

What's the time?

When touching a keyframe in After Effects, a small indicator pops up to tell the time code of that keyframe. But when moving the keyframe, this time is not updated.

Please let this feature be more useful: let the time in the indicator reflect the current position of the keyframe, even when movin it!

At the screenshot we see a selected keyframe at 00:00 with the old time 09:08 in the indicator.

woensdag 8 januari 2014

Cursor Key Distance / Keyboard Increment in After Effects?

When working with nudging in After Effects, it would be very nice to be able to set a custom cursor key distance / nudge value, just like in Illustrator: