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woensdag 21 maart 2018

C4d GUI: Connect Objects + Delete

I think it's time to skip the + Delete part in this function's name. It refers to obsolete unlogical behaviour where connecting resulted in a copy of the originals (which is uncommon in any graphics application). For new users Connect Objects + Delete reads very strange. Why should we connect objects and then delete 'm? :-)

donderdag 15 maart 2018

C4d: MoGraph / Radial Cloner Start End Angles

I think it would be of great value when for MoGraph radial cloners, we can define the angles of the first clone and the last clone.

Start and End angle do not work very intuitive at the moment: when changing Start Angle, the last clone moves as well. Start 0º / End 180º should result in a symetrical situation, but it does not.

Another option would be to add an extra clone at the End Angle (maybe a Checkbox: 'Include End Angle' or 'Last Clone at End Angle'.