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zondag 11 februari 2018

AE: Mysterious scrolling behaviour in Project Panel

I would like to have a solution for  behaviour of the Project Panel, that confuses us when working with large projects.

What I do is copying names from comps to other comps, in a separate folder, (has to do with different expressions reffering to the comp name).
Each time I scroll the panel to a position where I can see both source and target.
Then I copy the source name – after copying the panel scrolls automatically to an unwanted position.
Then I duplicate a target comp – after copying the panel scrolls automatically again.

I would like to keep the scoll position as I set it, without any initiative of the software.
Maybe there are situations where the automatic scrolling is convenient – in that case maybe a ‘scroll lock’-button is a solution,
To offer both behaviour.s
(just like in audio apps, we can prevent the tracks from crawling while playing).

A different approach would be to offer the possibility to open two instances of the project window.