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dinsdag 29 september 2015

Cascading materials in C4d!

Today I came across the impossibility to copy the Reflectance channel from one Material to another. It is also not possible to edit multiple identical Reflectance channels together.

Wouldn't it be great if C4D includes what I call a Cascading Materials system!

Let me explain:
Materials can refer to 'parent materials' from which they copy certain channels.
This can result in a very intelligent 'tree' of related materials, more or less like css in html.

The top Materials define e.g. Reflectance and Normal, while the children define Color. In this way several objects with different Color Textures (e.g. a book or magazines pages), can refer to the same Relectance and Normal maps (the structure of the paper), while they differ in Color Texture (the printed layouts of the pages)

September 29, 2015

zondag 20 september 2015

Wouldn't it be nice if C4d could force a font menu update?

It looks like the only way to add a new font is to quit and reopen C4d. So 90s.
If it can't be done automagically, maybe a 'Refresh' button is the solution?

zondag 13 september 2015

Adobe After Effects wishlist IBC 2015

Excited to share my toughts with After Effects developers at IBC, 
after they demonstrated some nice GUI-improvements for the next version.

Some subjects we discussed in the cloakroom:

More flexible Scale and Alignment of Layer Styles: more than 150% scale

Contextual menu access to layer style from the Layer Styles entry (logical!)

FX Compositing Options: add blending mode next to the mask possibility

Gradient editor: Copy gradient knot with alt key

Gradient editor: Show 50% knots all the time

Alpha matte 3d layers with Layer Styles (currently the matte is ignored)

Relation of In/Out/Duration: Stretch combined with Trim(pan behind) behaves strange
e.g.: setting Outpoint by dragging has a different efeect than setting it numerically

No Autosave during preview please

Lock in time option: let us choose to lock all, or only In/Outpoints.

Make Locked layers read only, so we can still copy values and effects from locked layers

Set keyframe at current time in FX Panel by e.g. alt-clicking the stopwatch

Indicator for current comp to avoid accidentally editing the original comp in stead of the copy

Stabilize time remapped footage without PreComping (let AE do the work...)

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