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woensdag 24 februari 2016

Strokes in InDesign, please make it as it should be.

Please, please, please, please Adobe, fix the stroke behaviour in InDesign.

What's the problem?
In InDesign we can choose to let the stroke align to the center, the inside, or the outside of a path. Nice.

But the strange thing is that InDesign does not take the original path for snapping and sizing.
It takes the path + stroke for these. That's very inconvenient.

In InDesign, stroked paths are snappy at the edge of the stroke, in stead of the path itself (like Illustrator does correctly).
When working with a grid (very common for professional designers), the result is that the stroked shape's handles no longer fit on a grid. That makes it very annoying and almost impossible to align the stroked shapes to the grid.

I would love to have strokes in InDesign that work the same way as Adobe Illustrator does: the stoke width should never change the size of a shape or path.

vrijdag 19 februari 2016

Ripple Cut in Première Pro

Premiere Pro offers Ripple Delete, to delete a clip and close the gap by moving all future footage back in time. And it offers Extract, to put the portion between In- and OutPoint in the clipboard.

I would personally love to have a combination of both: Ripple Cut, which does the same as Ripple Delete, but puts the deleted clip in the clipboard.

woensdag 17 februari 2016

woensdag 10 februari 2016

Link output settings to a Compositing in After Effects

I think I requested this before.
Most of the time Compositions are output with the same settings over and over. Why can't we have the Output Module, Render Settings and Output path linked to the comp?

Would be a real time saver.

Maybe even better:
A setting for the project, which defaults to every new comp.
And for each Comp, we can change the settings, that will keep attached to this Comp!


Let C4d show straight matted RGBA images in the Picture Viewer

I would like the Picture Viewer to be able to display RGBA pictures with straight matting correctly. (like After Effect does, when interpreted as Straight matting).

Right now, C4D only shows the unmated RGB and a separate Alpha.

dinsdag 9 februari 2016

AE should update the compositing window all at once, while stepping through frames

Since a while, AE does not update the frames at once in the Composition window while stepping through.
It first updates the video and the Masks follow a bit later.
This is very confusing when doing manual mask/rotoscope work.
I would love to have AE update all at once (framebuffering the complete editing picture before displaying it).