All requests and remarks posted on this blog, have been shared with the developers of the concerning products. The Feature Requests blog is my independent way of sharing, and recording both ideas and annoyance about software. Improvement is the main goal.

maandag 5 november 2018

After Effects: use Alt-Drag to copy keyframes

It's all in the subject. A convenient, intuïtive and fast way to replicate keyframes.

dinsdag 26 juni 2018

Ae Set Anchor point when changing Comp size

Make Ae Comp Size change more flexible, by setting the anchor (like Ps Canvas Size).

woensdag 11 april 2018

iOS: prevent specific apps from being offloaded

Offload is nice, but we need a possibility to prevent certain apps from offloading. E.g. parking apps, loyalty card apps etc. Those are needed quickly, when waiting for a download is very inconvenient.
Would be great if we can decide on a per app basis to exclude it from offloading.

maandag 9 april 2018

Special layer behaviours in AE

Currently working on GUI-simulations.
And I think of two features that would come in handy"

1 Mark layers as 'Comp Duration', to make sure that these layers will adjust to the Comp duration, even when this is changed (great for Background-layers).

2 Mark layers as 'Always On Top', to prevent from arranging layers all the time: E.g. in a GUI-simulation the Mouse Pointer must be always on top.

Thanks for listening!

woensdag 21 maart 2018

C4d GUI: Connect Objects + Delete

I think it's time to skip the + Delete part in this function's name. It refers to obsolete unlogical behaviour where connecting resulted in a copy of the originals (which is uncommon in any graphics application). For new users Connect Objects + Delete reads very strange. Why should we connect objects and then delete 'm? :-)

donderdag 15 maart 2018

C4d: MoGraph / Radial Cloner Start End Angles

I think it would be of great value when for MoGraph radial cloners, we can define the angles of the first clone and the last clone.

Start and End angle do not work very intuitive at the moment: when changing Start Angle, the last clone moves as well. Start 0º / End 180º should result in a symetrical situation, but it does not.

Another option would be to add an extra clone at the End Angle (maybe a Checkbox: 'Include End Angle' or 'Last Clone at End Angle'.

zondag 11 februari 2018

AE: Mysterious scrolling behaviour in Project Panel

I would like to have a solution for  behaviour of the Project Panel, that confuses us when working with large projects.

What I do is copying names from comps to other comps, in a separate folder, (has to do with different expressions reffering to the comp name).
Each time I scroll the panel to a position where I can see both source and target.
Then I copy the source name – after copying the panel scrolls automatically to an unwanted position.
Then I duplicate a target comp – after copying the panel scrolls automatically again.

I would like to keep the scoll position as I set it, without any initiative of the software.
Maybe there are situations where the automatic scrolling is convenient – in that case maybe a ‘scroll lock’-button is a solution,
To offer both behaviour.s
(just like in audio apps, we can prevent the tracks from crawling while playing).

A different approach would be to offer the possibility to open two instances of the project window.