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maandag 15 september 2014

C4d - A more intuitive mapping for the wood shader?

I have a problem with mapping:

When applying wood to a cylinder, I always want the annual ring to be visible on the caps, and just the veins/nerves in the length direction.

But neither the UVW-mapping, nor the Cylindrical-mapping lets me achieve this without adjustment. And when rotating the Cylinder mapping, the GUI is very contra-intuitive.

Does anyone have a tip on what I am doing wrong? Or should love C4D just be more intelligent when it comes to apply procedural materials to procedural primitives.

3 cylinders: 
leftmost with UVW active as mapping, center with Cylindrical mapping, right with rotated Cylindrical mapping.
See how the yellow mapping gizmo is rotated unlogically (even as the texture preview)
The second image is a render.

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