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maandag 3 april 2017

the ultimate audio interface / next gen home studio mixer

There is really no good all-in-one solution for the home pruducer who needs 1 mic input, 1 or 2 guitar inputs and 3+ stereo line inputs for drumcomputers and synths.
I currently use my Edirol FA-66, which unfortunatally lacks extra line inputs.

Available products have multiple microphone inputs, that no homeproducer needs.

Personally, I would love to see a product with the following specs:
-1 high-end mic pre-amp/channelstrip
-2 hi-z guitar inputs
-4 stereo line inputs
-an onboard 24bit/ 192kHz AD converter
-inputs selectable from within any DAW
-output mixed to direct monitoring, combined with USB input
-optional a compressor, and reverb for direct monitoring
-optional a mixer for channels, with a switch to select which channels are output via USB

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