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donderdag 20 juli 2017

Better .pdf support for AE?

I use an InDesign - After Effects workflow in many projects that involve some less basic typography e.g. paragraphy styles, grep styles, intials and all things AE can not do very easily. This workflow is great and very CC-ish, since it uses 3 apps in conjunction. There are two things to be aware of, listed at the end of this post.

In short, this is the workflow (60% InDesign, 40% After Effects):

-Create pages in InDesign for each title
-Export to .pdf
-Extract separate pages in Acrobat
-Import each page.pdf in AE
-Create a Comp with each of the pages
-Render all Comps

A more advanced,  is this (95% InDesign, 5% After Effects).
This method is especially productive when repetitive typographics complex titles have to be made;
it takes some time investment at the front, but will save loads of time, annoyance, boredom and errors in the end:

-Create pages in InDesign for each title
-Export to .pdf
-Extract separate pages (these get sequential numbers)
-Import pages as image sequence in AE
-Place the image sequence in 'Comp 1' (can be any name, as long as it ends with the digit '1')
-Use expressions and Time Remap to get the right page, based on the number in the Comp name
-Duplicate 'Comp 1' to get Comp 2, 3 etc. - the Expression makes sure that the next page is loaded
-Render all Comps

When reloading footage (the .pdf image sequence), AE is complete broken, and has to be Forced to Quit

How great would it be when AE can handle multipage .pdf's as an image sequence, without having to extract separate pages first!

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