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maandag 23 juni 2014

AE CC: Save templates of Render Settings and Output Module to cloud?

It would be nice if this was possible. Maybe add a button?

Or, like Photoshop does, let AE ask to migrate presets from previous version?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. You'll find it in preferences:

  2. Thanks Joost. I know that setting. But it does not work for some reason. Tried it several times. Also, 'Syncing' is not really what I want. I want to decide for myself if the settings are uploaded, or downloaded. (now this is handled by an intermediate pop up with that question). Syncing is for situations where two copies of the same data are required. That is not the case (for me). I want to backup my settings, and reload them whenever I want, on whatever machine I want.

    Would be nice if the Settings/Preferences/Templates are stored for all CC-apps at once. That makes it easy to switch workstations. E.g: Ai-templates don't 'sync' at my system.