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donderdag 5 juni 2014

Better C4D to Photoshop integration

When rendering to .psd, with an Alpha channel, it would be nice if the Alpha-information could be automatically translated to Photoshop-transparency, or a Layer mask..

In Photoshop, I work with Smart Objects all the time. But before I can start compositing several c4d-renders, I first have to open them to convert the Alpha-channel to a Layer-mask.

Feature request for Maxon Cinema 4D:
let us choose to output alpha as transparency or layer mask

Feature request for Adobe Photoshop:
an import options dialog for linked/placed .psd files,
that let us choose to import alpha as transparency or as a layer mask

When opening a .exr file, Photoshop comes up with this:

It would be perfect if this dialog was used for other file formats as well!

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