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donderdag 22 januari 2015

Please let Creative Cloud file sync eat less resources

In this version of Creative Cloud

my MacPro (12 core, 2013, 48gB RAM, lots of disks) completelty freezes when I activate file sync.

It took a while to discover this, but when I looked in Activity Monitor, I found that the 'Core Sync' process takes all RAM and almost all virtual memory (= disk space on my system disk).
In my case, this was 44gB (of 48 installed) and 350gB disk space (of 500gB system disk).
The Mac start to complain about lack of memory and finally stops to do anything - a complete freeze!

When swithcing the up/download speeds to medium, the sync still takes a lot of memory:

Why does a relatively simpel service takes so much? And why doesn't it switch down when other apps are in need of memory.

My feature request: a priority selector, in stead of the speed selector.
I would love to switch to low priority, when other apps are open.

Note: My Creative Cloud Files folder resides on a separate disk (a great recent improvement!).

Note2: on an iMac (with CCF-folder on separate internal disk), syncing only takes 100mB of RAM.

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  1. Transcript of support-chat:
    Anubhav: Hello Jan,
    Anubhav: I reviewed your query.
    Jan Vork: ok
    Jan Vork: and?
    Anubhav: I can see your system is freezing while file sync
    Jan Vork: Yes, I know.
    Anubhav: Let me just pull your accounts, please be with me.
    Jan Vork: Ok, I'll stay with you.
    Jan Vork: Meanwhile: this thread is from October:
    Jan Vork: Same problem. Seems to be not solved yet.
    Anubhav: Can you please provide me your system configuration.
    Jan Vork: ok, hold on
    Jan Vork: Model Name: Mac Pro Model Identifier: MacPro5,1 Processor Name: 6-Core Intel Xeon Processor Speed: 3,06 GHz Number of Processors: 2 Total Number of Cores: 12 L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB L3 Cache (per Processor): 12 MB Memory: 48 GB Processor Interconnect Speed: 6.4 GT/s Boot ROM Version: MP51.007F.B03 SMC Version (system): 1.39f11 SMC Version (processor tray): 1.39f11 Serial Number (system): DGKJ304LF4MH Serial Number (processor tray): J521900XVBH8C Hardware UUID: 155CC17E-A0DA-57DF-80FB-1F7C11D06A33
    Jan Vork: + a 500gB SSD System disk + 2x4tB external Serial ATA RAID
    Anubhav: Can you mail me a snap shot of your mac configuration at
    Anubhav: let me check the email.
    Jan Vork: ok
    Anubhav: Did you make any changes to the storage folder for the Creative Cloud Folder.
    Jan Vork: I changed the location of Creative Cloud Files to one of the external disks, and told this to the CC-app/Preferences/Files.
    Anubhav: That is the main issue, Creative Cloud is not made to sync files to an external drive
    Anubhav: It can sync files on the local drive where other adobe components are installed.
    Jan Vork: Since the new version we can change the location...
    Jan Vork: It's in the preferences.
    Anubhav: You can change the location but in the local drive itself.
    Anubhav: Not on a external drive
    Jan Vork: Nope, you can only choose a disk, not a folder. It must be in the root.
    Jan Vork: Sorry, you can choose a folder I see.
    Jan Vork: But I can not have 100gB extra data on my sys disk.
    Anubhav: Yes you can choose a location but on the local drive not on the external drive
    Jan Vork: Why can't it be on an external disk?
    Anubhav: It is how it has been programmed.
    Jan Vork: That's very inconvenient. And btw: it does actually sync! But very inefficient.
    Anubhav: I would surely put the information through the correct funnel and let them know that people would like to following upgrade.
    Jan Vork: I did that when CC started… Very strange that it is not possible immediately. It's such an important feature. Who wants storage on his system disk?
    Jan Vork: And the CC-app should not allow us to change to another disk, when it's not allowed...
    Jan Vork: Anyhow, it is syncing, very slow, or very memory-intensive
    Jan Vork: Thanks for now.
    Anubhav: It would do so but it would freeze up as it would not find all adobe components on the external drive
    Anubhav: this would eventually crash
    Anubhav: the storage folder is a component of the Adobe files which would not be found on your external drive and hence this problem occurs
    Jan Vork: Very strange way of thinking by the developers. Not quite an advertisement for the service.
    Anubhav: I surely understand this and would forward your message to the concerned team.
    Anubhav: They would surely work on this.
    Jan Vork: Thanks a lot, Anubhav!
    Anubhav: You are welcome.