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donderdag 26 maart 2015

After Effects Import Options

Wouldn't it be nice, if After Effects shows us how it interprets imported assets?
And let us change frame rate and all other interpretation parameters at that very moment, in stead of doing it afterwards? (Which still doen not fit in the Adobe 'mime': Remember Interpretation /Apply Interpretation is unique througout CC*)

Now we can start to work with e.g. an image sequence which is imported at 30fps, while it should be 25 fps, and discover this way to late, when all kind of keyframing is done.

I like it the way InDesign does this:  it gives the user the option to be confronted with all parameters of a 'Placed' item, at import.

* Why not select several items and set the interpretation, making use of conventions, like greyed out settings for items that do not share the same parameters.

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  1. It seems that the cryptic described function File/ Pro Import After Effects does much of the job.