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donderdag 2 november 2017

Generate Report does not reflect actual Collect Files operation

Today I ran into an interesting situation.
I wanted to make a safety backup of a project, by ussing the Collect Files… command.
My project contains 3d renders, .ai-files, .psd-files and a lot of imported footage.
The footage was copy pasted from Premiere Pro, which I use to preselect clips.
The clips were shot on Sony XDCAM-discs and some of the clips had the exact same name (e.g
AE does not make any problem of this, and worked like a charm.

When I collected the project, though, I got a warning that several files were not collected, without any explanation.
Investigation lead to the double-name issue.

So, to solve this, I generated a report, hoping to get a list of double trouble. But the report did not mention any possible failures.

I think that AE should give a more discriptive warning, and that the report should include a warning about uncollectible files.
Best would be if the doubles were placed in folders that copy the names of the os-folders where the files were found.
In that way, doubles can not appear in the same folder.

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